Cleaning Tips

/durable material/


Our jewelry is crafted with everyday wear in mind and demands minimal upkeep. As different individuals lead various lifestyles, it is natural for the jewelry to exhibit changes in color over time. Rest assured, this is completely normal and should not cause any concern. To ensure your jewelry remains beautiful, we would be pleased to provide you with some valuable tips.

/maximise its lifetime/


Each piece is unique and will change differently over time.

Here are a few habits to adopt in order to maximize the lifetime of your jewelry.

Avoid contact with chemicals
Remove before sports
Keep away from light and heat
Take off before sleeping
Store in a jewelry box
/gold filled jewelry/


Yellow or rose gold-filled jewelry does not change color, fade or flake! It only gets dirty with time…

Don’t worry, you already have everything you need at home to clean it!

Apply a dab of toothpaste on the jewelry and softly rub with your hands. Rinse with cold water then dry with a tissue until completely dry.